Bring Diet To Work: 5 Healthy Recipes For Tupper Recipes for Diet

Recipes for Diet

1: Recipes for diet

Sometimes I have the feeling that we live between diet and diet, or it seems that that is what is imposed on us. The diet after the summer, the before and after Christmas, the bikini operation after Easter … But we already know that living jumping between diets and excesses is not the best of habits, a balanced diet should prevail all year.

Many people eat out on weekdays and bringing lunch is a good way to maintain a healthy diet. For months now we have come together to take ideas that do not need a microwave, but since we have to eat all year long today we propose 73 healthy recipes for the tupper of work with which to avoid falling into a routine Recipes for Diet.

Recipes for Diet

2: Recipes of legumes

We will never tire of claiming the return of legumes to our usual diet. The cold months are ideal to recover with comforting spoon dishes, such as traditional chickpeas with spinach or the typical vigil stew, very seasonal since we are in Lent. The legumes are perfect to take, the stews improve with the rest of one or two days and the salads and sautéed are transported without problems to take them without heating if you want to try this recipes you take a diet plan(Recipes for Diet).

Recipes for Diet

3: Meat recipes

A grilled steak will not hold the tupper well and eat breaded each week may not be a great idea. The best way to bring meat dishes in the box is to bet on stews, elaborations in sauce or sautéed and salads accompanied, with a seasoning that can be taken separately. A good way to create a complete dish is to combine meat, vegetables and rice or pasta, as for example in these noodles with broccoli and chicken.

Stews and stews can be healthy and balanced if we choose lean meats and cook with little fat, adding many vegetable ingredients to the recipe. Even meatballs can be used to diet with recipes such as turkey meatballs and mushrooms. It is worthwhile to cook more to have rations to spare for the refrigerator or to freeze, as long as we remember that when we put potatoes it is preferable not to freeze them(Recipes for Diet).

Recipes for Diet

4: Fish and seafood recipes

With marine options, the same thing happens, you have to look for alternatives to grilled fish or those simply cooked in the oven. Some species do not tolerate the tupper very well, such as sautéing cuttlefish and chanterelles, controlling the cooking time well in order not to happen. Although the simplest thing is maybe to bet, again, for stews and dishes with a good sauce, such as hake tacos with tomato.

Remember that you can also make delicious meatballs with seafood, as demonstrated by the recipe for hake meatballs in green sauce and that supports many accompaniments to taste. Salads are also a good option if you fancy sea flavors, for example with the trendy tuna poke salad, assuring us, of course, that we keep refrigeration well when it comes to keeping it(Recipes for Diet).

Recipes for Diet

5: Vegetarian recipes

(Recipes for Diet) There are also many options for eating healthy and healthy at work if we follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, with recipes that everyone can enjoy. There are very light preparations that will suit us if we are controlling a little more calories, such as the broccoli pan with spices and coconut, and others that, while still healthy, are very compelling and nutritious, like the New York salted cheesecake.

Introducing a totally vegetarian or vegan casual dish is not going to create any deficit in a balanced diet, and is a good way to get out of our usual recipe book. The ovolactovegetarians have it easy to add proteins, as in the shak shouka, and for complete dishes, without animal ingredients, we have options with tofu, soy, nuts or legumes, and whole grains Recipes for Diet.