10 Tips To Have A Radiant Skin Every Day Nutritions Of Health

Search 5 minutes a day, and 30 minutes twice a week and you will see how with these tips, your skin will look younger and brighter. Having a radiant skin is not at odds with leading a busy life and a busy schedule. We show you how to get it! Cristina de Hoyos, dermatologist and Clinical Director of Ceta Clinics, gives us some basic tips to get the most out of the beauty of our skin. Thus, we will make the makeup look much better because it will be applied on a much smoother and uniform canvas, obtaining results worthy of the red carpet.

Radiant Skin

Daily facial hygiene with products suitable for each type of Radiant Skin

There are people with a resistant skin, which hardly needs specific care, for which a neutral pH facial hygiene soap would be indicated, which will eliminate the particles of dirt and keep the skin clean. Those people with delicate skins, who do not get along well with the water, suffering redness on contact with it, will need a more specific cleaning with soft products that replace the water.

People with oily skin, with acne tendency, should use cleaning products that help them to control the excess of fat but maintaining an adequate pH to avoid irritations.

Specific hygiene should be done at least once a day, to remove all cosmetic products before going to sleep.

Applies antioxidants daily Radiant Skin

The Vitamin C is the most effective antioxidant that works on our skin reducing the damage that is being produced in cells due to aging and sun exposure. There are multiple products that contain vitamin C along with other antioxidant substances that, together, achieve a more potent effect by fighting the oxygen free radicals that damage the DNA of our skin cells. Apply your favorite vitamin C product in the morning.

Protect your Radiant Skin from the sun

The Solar photoprotection is the best antiaging product on the market. Protecting the exposed areas (mainly the face, the neckline and the hands) throughout the year will prevent the appearance of small wrinkles and spots caused by the sun. Remember to reapply it every 2-3 hours, after this time it stops acting.

To avoid problems, choose the one that best suits your skin type : in cream if you have dry skin and require an extra supply of hydration, in gel if your skin is oily to prevent the appearance of acne, or with other specific substances if you suffer from solar allergy.

Night antiaging treatment

Radiant Skin As we go through the years, fine wrinkles and spots appear that reminds us that time is passing by. The use of cosmetic products containing certain substances such as alpha-hydroxy acids, retinoic acid, among others, will help to delay or diminish the appearance of these signs of age. Remember to apply them always at night, after your facial hygiene and a good time before going to bed to give them time to absorb. It is not necessary to apply multiple products, if not the most appropriate and that our skin tolerates better.

If you are not clear about how your skin is or what can be better, consult your dermatologist.

Intense exfoliation 1 or 2 times per week

The skin is regenerated daily, producing a progressive elimination of dead cells on the surface of the epidermis. Performing an intense exfoliation once or twice a week will make your skin healthier, acquiring shine and softness. For this, you can use soaps that contain small particles that will drag these dead cells, or even new mechanical devices, such as brushes with rotors that cleanse the skin deeply.

Keep in mind that certain skin types are very sensitive and do not tolerate any external aggression because they have a great reactivity. If this is your case, this step should be ignored, or consult which products can do better.

Post-exfoliation masks

Applying specific masks after the exfoliation process will help the products that have to penetrate better into the skin, or help soothe the skin after deep cleaning. Using masks rich in alpha-hydroxy acids or with acne-treating products, or even those with soothing properties that provide hydration and restore their tone to the skin after exfoliation will complete the weekly care process.

Avoid manipulating facial injuries

Be it small uncomfortable granites, annoying black spots, spots or other types of injuries that may appear on your skin, avoid manipulating them. The only thing that will appear is inflammation on the lesion prolonging the healing process and favoring the appearance of posterior scars. Use suitable and indicated products for each lesion, and if it does not disappear or you have doubts, consult your dermatologist.

Rest every day

The best-kept secret of many women with perfect skin, is, not only dedicate 5 minutes a day to take care of it, but also sleep 8 hours each day, allowing the body to eliminate all the waste elements throughout the day they accumulate in the different organs of the body, including the skin. If we save in hours of sleep, the skin may not have enough time to purify and the accumulation of these substances can make each day age faster.

Drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices daily

The skin is not only hydrated from the outside, but also from the inside, capturing water from the small vessels that reach the deep layers of it. One of the main signs of dehydration or low fluid consumption is the appearance of the skin off and the presence of more laxity in certain areas such as the neck, the skin of the hands or even on the cheeks. Give your body between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day, and your skin will look brighter.

Smile with Radiant Skin

The smile mobilizes many muscles of the face, which will remain toned and show a skin with good tension on them. In addition, when smiling many positive substances are released into the body (endorphins) and the skin will use them to look more vital and more luminous.