Pregnancy and weight loss: increase average 15KG to 20KG

Pregnancy and weight: It is widely believed that a pregnant woman has more food than pregnancy. This is partially true, the female body spends more energy in pregnancy and, therefore, requires more, but feeding for two does not mean feeding instead of two. To begin with, we note that female increases average 12-15 kg in pregnancy. Taking into consideration the constitution of the woman, some increase more and fewer. The main target at this time is a gradual increase.

Increases During Pregnancy 50%

Increased weight of pregnant woman (12-15 kg of exacerbated) in pregnancy is 5% placenta and at least 6% – amniotic fluid. In addition, blood volume increases during pregnancy 50%. The weight of the baby is at least 1,6 kg (in case of a newborn baby), mother’s pregnancy and childbirth are essential for natural calories – 3-5 kg fat. On average it all comes out of 12 kg. The daily demand for a pregnant woman is more than 300-500 kcal compared to the usual norm and an average of 2400 kcal.

Pregnancy And Weight

The gradual increase in weight is essential for the woman’s normal self-esteem. By controlling this, the woman not only feels good but looks even better. The moderate growth of weight promotes rapidly in the form of postpartum formation, in addition, the stretched skin and the strings will be less. Write down your weight during pregnancy. Use this blog or calendar. Make the first benchmark immediately afterward, and then weigh each week in the morning fast and write down the weight. You can also make a schedule for the display. In the first trimester of pregnancy, there will be no noticeable increase in weight. The second trimester is growing rapidly and the woman begins to rise to about 400 grams a week. Warm women should try to get an average of 300 g per month in the first trimester, about 300 g a week in the second trimester and in the third trimester – about 200 grams per week i hope you soon loss your weight just in 5 days, get more tips about Pregnancy and weight.

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