Nutritions of Health Its important to eat a variety of foods to get all nutrients You Need

Come on, let me fix you

  • I have a headache
  • The Best Nutritions Tips You Need
  • Take it
  • It does not open my eye this morning
  • Drinks a double coffee
  • I have no energy
  • Take vitamin C
  • I do not have an erection
  • Get violent
  • I went home
  • Get a loan
  • I have cellulite
  • Take cream to clamp and fight cellulite
  • I can not lose weight
  • Drink tea with CLA
  • I have a periphery
  • I have a Nutritions Guideline
  • Make liposuction
  • I have to swell
  • Cut the gluten
  • I am hungry
  • He ordered
  • Nutritions of Health
  • Western way of thinking reinforces the belief that everyone can get everything
  • they want without much effort easily and quickly.
So if you hurt your head you will be given a painkiller. It does not matter if last night you ate a bottle of wine.

If your eye does not open in the morning and you have no energy, you will be given a double coffee and a vitamin C to get together. It does not matter if last night you stayed in front of the television or the computer until dawn.

If you are the five-year-old with sugar, a vagina, and a regular smoker, do not worry about having an erection. Because you will get a bitch and you will do your job.

This logic of directing everything that focuses only on the treatment of symptoms has as a tragic consequence the consolidation of the cause that causes undesirable behavior. The easy and quick solution that is offered to you is, in fact, the biggest obstacle to weight loss because it deprives you of the ability to find the way you can change your unhealthy behavior which is the root of the problem. Therefore, no change is possible because the cause of unwanted behavior (such as weight gain) remains intact.

But why worry about it?

As I said in this society, you can get everything easily and quickly. Because as they make you believe, it’s worth it! So why not get a weak and well-willed body with the least effort?

“Lose 4 pounds in 3 days” “Lose 12 pounds in a month” Nutritions “Make a strong abdomen watching TV” “Take the test of intolerance and find out what foods you get fatten” “Drink green coffee or CLA tea to burn fat” “Drink lukewarm water with lemon in the morning for the same reason” “Take a thistle to burn fat to the liver” “Take a slimming formula and some supplements and eat only once a day to slim down” “Cut off carbohydrates and eat as much meat you want “” take the glucofast to adjust your sugar “get it antihypertensive to adjust your pressure “” get statins to lower your cholesterol. ”

The biggest problem of “come on” is that the solutions proposed are transient of Nutritions. Controlling diet and weight and achieving a healthy and healthy body is the result of systematic choices that no “specialist” can give you in the form of a prescription to get good.

A permanent change in your weight and achieving optimal health can only happen if you work with your counselor to find the type of diet and exercise that suits you and at the same time get involved in the spiritual process needed to eventually transform this change to choice.

Nobody says that this is an easy way, but it is definitely true and it will be worth every pacing of the route because the reward, in the end, will be invaluable.

2: Cellulite and how it is treated

Based on her name it could be inflammation. The connective tissue to which it relates does not blame. We could say, however, that it is resentful. It disturbs why it’s being pressed.

Cellulite is a change in skin topography, which occurs most frequently in the buttocks and thighs (but also in the abdomen and hands) of the majority of women, leaving no male sex from the outside.

It was first described in the early 20th century and has various names, such as gynecological lipodystrophy, nodular liposuction or various types of dermatoses.

We meet it for all ages and all body weights and is not just a consequence of obesity (however, in this case, it is more pronounced).

Although not a pathological condition, it remains a matter of aesthetic concern for a large number of people.

Let us better understand what it is Nutritions Of Health

The skin consists of three layers, where from the outside to the inside are the following

  • The epidermis
  • The chorus substrate
  • And the subcutaneous connective tissue (or hypodermis)

Today cellulite is known as a regional disorder of fat distribution in the subcutaneous tissue.

The four basic hypotheses designed to explain the physiology of cellulitis include dysmorphic skin architecture, altered connective tissue bulkheads, vascular changes and inflammatory factors.

For all the above there are predisposing factors, the main ones being

Excess estrogen in women and lack of androgens in men.

The body. Here in the Mediterranean, the “open” basin favors the appearance of cellulite due to more local fat in the region, compared to northern Europe.

>Pregnancy and periodontal disease.

  • Even frequent use of heels can aggravate the condition due to poor perfusion.
    Using contraceptive pills.
  • Treatment modalities can now be divided into four main categories: attenuation of aggravating factors, physical and mechanical methods, pharmacological agents and lasers.
  • Regarding the first mode of treatment, namely the attenuation of aggravating factors, we mean.
  • Not sedentary life, so as to enhance microcirculation and cellular metabolism. In addition, reduced blood supply to a tissue reduces the rate at which fat is metabolized, resulting in the formation of small hard-elastic masses of fat that is not available for burning. In short, increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary lives.

With regard to nutrition now

Reducing saturated fat (butter, fried, cream, mayonnaise, trans, sausages, n / .a) and an increase in monounsaturated (olive oil, avocado) and polyunsaturated (fatty fish, vegetable oils)
Increase water consumption. The 1 ml per Kcal caloric intake ratio, which would be ideal, is meant to change in the summer months to double.

Replacement of simple sugars (sugar) with complex carbohydrates (fiber). Beware of “hidden” sugar (canned foods, sauces, yogurts)
Beware of salt (and hidden in pastries, cheeses, sausages, etc.) due to fluid retention.
Care should also be taken to avoid fried foods, alcohol, smoking, soft drinks, excessive intake of caffeine, spices, instant snacks, and food.

Increase consumption of protein foods such as fish, chicken, egg, yogurt to improve edema, limit hunger if we want to reduce our weight.

It is worth noting that while there have been only a few dozen scientific articles devoted to cellulite in the medical literature over the past 30 years, however, indicated that constipation contributes greatly to the appearance or worsening of cellulite and therefore offered plenty of fruits and vegetables, cereals whole, and legumes.

And another thing, as important as all the above … meditation can help positively through good breathing and thus strengthen the metabolism, elimination of anxiety and stress which aggravate a situation fluid retention and accumulation of toxins, as well as an overall positive attitude of life.

There are really no effective and permanent treatments for cellulite. If we want to talk about proper cellulite treatment, it should be understood that systematic, balanced and balanced diet and physical activity should become a life experience and attitude. Only then will we have long-term benefits in multiple levels and not just in the summer months that catch the stress of the beach.

3: Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a more and more common disorder that significantly affects the quality of life of many men.

According to a study conducted in the USA in the 1990s, 52% of men aged 40-70 years experienced mild to severe erectile dysfunction. (Nutritions)The number of cases worldwide is increasing and according to predictions, the incidents are expected to more than double, reaching 322 million in 2025.

The penis is an organ that, in order to obtain a hard erection, should be filled with blood and this blood is kept in the cavernous bodies of the penis for as long as sexual intercourse lasts.

The causes can be classified into organic, psychogenic and mixed. More frequent and more important are the problems of the penis. Damage to the nerves, arteries, soft muscles and fibrous tissues, which are often the result of a disease, is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction.

Lifestyle-related choices (smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity, Nutritions, lack of physical exercise) and contributing to the appearance of cardiovascular problems also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

When there are voluntary erections during sleep, it is most likely due to psychological factors (it is not entirely reliable because the scientists have not weighed the tests).

Natural ways to deal with erectile dysfunction are.

Walking: Harvard research has shown that half an hour of walking a day lowers the risk of erectile dysfunction by 41%. Another research has shown that moderate exercise can restore erectile function to middle-aged obese men.

Diet: In Massachusetts’s study of aging men, eating a diet rich in natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish – with fewer red and processed meats – reduced the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. Another version is that chronic deficiency in vitamin B12 can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Pay attention to your vascular health. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides can damage all the arteries in the heart (causing the heart attack), the brain (causing a stroke) and then the penis (causing SD). Low HDL (good) cholesterol levels and waist extension also contribute. Check with your doctor if your vascular system – and therefore your heart, brain, and penis – is in good shape or needs to be united with lifestyle changes and, if necessary, with medicines.

The size counts, so make sure you stay fine. A decrease in waist diameter is a good defense – a man with a waste of 110 cm is 50% more likely to have diabetes than one with an average of 90 cm. Weight loss can help fight erectile dysfunction so that a healthy weight and staying on it is another good strategy for avoiding or treating AD. Obesity increases the risk for vascular disease and diabetes, two main causes that cause AD. Excessive fat prevents several hormones, which can also be part of the problem.

Exercise your muscles but do not talk about your biceps. A strong pelvic floor helps to remove blood from the penis by pressing a key vein. In a UK test, three months of Kegel exercises (boosting these muscles) combined with biofeedback and lifestyle changes – smoking cessation, weight loss, alcohol restriction – worked much better than those in the UK changes in lifestyle only.